Bodhi Practice Osteopathy
Bodhi Practice Osteopathy

Elizabeth Hireth

Elizabeth Hireth  – BA (hons), Dip. Phyt., RC Hyp., Dip. Hyp.

Western Medical Herbalism / Intuitive Coaching  / Clinical Hypnotherapy

It’s easy to feel unbalanced and unsure how to best take care of the self in this busy modern world. Hireth Medicine helps you come back to your centre. Elizabeth offers a diverse wellness toolkit including Western Medical Herbalism, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Intuitive Coaching, all within a gentle, inclusive, trauma-literate framework. Fully qualified & Insured, Elizabeth offers the tools for change in your health & wellness context.
Every session with Hireth Medicine is different, each encounter is unique to the needs of that client, in that moment in time. If you’re interested in a chat to find out how we might work together, you could book in for a free, no-commitment, ‘A Quick Cuppa’ information session to find out more via or book directly.
Elizabeth has a particular interest in working with sleep & mental health challenges and those undergoing complex transitions in their lives.
Contact: / @hirethuk
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