Bodhi Practice
Bodhi Practice

Bridget Prusik, Aromatherapy


My name is Bridget and I have worked with  Holistic therapies for over 23 years, working privately and in healthcare. I have a strong passion for therapies and for furthering people’s interest in them and all that they can offer. I practice several therapies which are detailed further on and offer a variety of workshops to help further professional and personal development as a therapist.

All holistic therapies aim to bring  about a state of balance to mind, body and spirit. Therapies can help put you in a place of complete stillness.



Holistic Therapies work with the whole person and not just just the symptom and aim to restore balance within mind, body and spirit and offer wellbeing and may help with many symptoms such as stress related conditions, anxiety and depression, insomnia, grief, muscular aches and pains, skin problems, circulation, energy levels and many more.



A wonderful massage therapy for restoring wellbeing and uses individual essential oil blends to help restore harmony and help with many different symptoms. It offers peace and tranquillity and time for the self. Different mediums for the use of oils are made too, such as Aromasticks and creams.

Whole body – 60 mins – £40

Back, Neck and shoulders – 40 mins – £28


This ancient treatment is when you work on the feet and hands and aims to restore balance, reenergise as well as helping with circulation, pain, oedema, anxiety and stress and many more.

60 mins – £35

Indian Head Massage

Working the shoulders, neck, arms, head, scalp and face and can help to relieve any tension carried in these areas. Very soothing and relaxing it can help with headaches, migraines, muscular pain, eye strain and anxiety and stress.  Can be worked either through the clothes or directly onto the skin.

40 mins – £28

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A very gentle massage aimed to help with excess fluid in the body. It is relaxing and can be very effective for oedema and cellulitis.

60 mins – £40

Hypno Massage

Deep relaxation and release of tension through visualisation and massage.

60 mins – £35

Seated Chair Massage

Seated chair massage can be carried out through the clothes or on the skin. Simply rest the body in the comfortable massage chair and relax as the back and neck are massaged.

40 minutes – £28

Guided Imagery and Visualisation

Help to create a quiet mind and help a person relax deeply.



I offer a number of holistic therapy courses developed by Mary Atkinson which are all FHT accredited and also a couple of other workshops for which a certificate of attendance is given.  These courses and workshops are open to anyone with either an interest in Complementary Therapies or established practitioners. Classes are kept small in able to deliver  optimum learning in a supportive and informal atmosphere.

The courses can also be tailored for small groups of beginners or qualified therapists.




  • Diploma in Indian Head Massage, a three day FHT accredited diploma for qualified therapists in another bodywork. (20 CPD points).


  • Hand and Foot Massage, an FHT accredited CPD day course open to everyone. Ideal for beginners interested in learning a few basic techniques.


  • Refresher and Update Indian Head Massage an FHT and AoR approved CPD course for qualified Indian Head Massage therapists to further refresh, update and further their skills.


  • Adapting Therapies in Elderly and/or Life Limiting Ilnesses for those working in this area and wanting to learn adaptation skills.


Please contact Bridget for further information.